What is weaponeye?

Weaponeye is an HD audio/video camera, laser sight, and a LED flashlight, all in one compact model that is attached to the rail and trigger guard of your handgun.


A witness when you need it the most

Imagine you're walking home one night. Two guys turn the corner and before you can do anything, one of the them pulls out a knife and charges you. You take out your concealed carry and shoot him but when you look at the other one, he's already running away with his accomplice's knife in hand. Now you are stuck there with a dead body on the floor and a gun in your hand. How do you justify the scene to the police? With Weaponeye.

Criminal defense attorneys can bill $150-$700 an HOUR to their defendants and depending on complexity of the case. Many hours of hard work and investigations could have you billed in the thousands which can be a catastrophe for your financial life and your family.

Weaponeye is only $239.99 and potentially worth thousands more if you ever need to defend yourself in court.

DISCLAIMER: At this moment, Weaponeye is compatible with all Glock models and generations except the Glock 42 and 43.


Protect yourself and your loved ones