We Are Dedicated to Excellence in Customer Care

We ask that you make an account so that we can verify the 1-year warranty that comes with every Weaponeye. Tell us your Weaponeye's unique product code and you're covered.

  • Something's broke?
  • Something not working?
  • Don't know what's happening?

Don't worry about it, we got it covered.


    Expired Warranty but something's broke? We can repair it!

    Repair fees

    Replace the Battery =  $25.00 

    Replace the USB port = $49.00   

    Replace the Camera = $49.00

    Replace the Laser Module = $25.00

    Replace the LED Flashlight = $25.00

    Replace the Activation Button = $19.00


    We pay for return shipping


    Please fill out this form and send it to support@weaponeye.com

    Alternatively, use the "Contact Us" below if you have any questions.