Criminal defense attorneys usually bill anywhere from $10,000 to $100,000 to their clients for a typical case. Depending on the complexity of the case, many hours of hard work and investigations may be involved and that alone can cost you tens of thousands of dollars with no guarantee that the evidence found will be used against you.

A witness when you need it the most

Imagine you're out at night and two guys make their way to you. They both pull out a knife and tell you to give them your money. You take out your concealed carry and and tell him to walk away. They don’t think you would actually shoot them and charge at you to grab your gun. You shoot a lethal shot to the heart of the first one. The second thug grabs his friend’s knife and books it. You call the police, barely able to form your words with the adrenaline going through you and the sometime later, the police arrive.They come to find you with a gun and a unarmed, dead body on the floor. You’re going to jail.

You won the battle for your life so now how do you win the battle for your freedom? How do you justify to a courtroom, that you had to shoot an unarmed man?

With Weaponeye

What is weaponeye?

Weaponeye is a durable HD audio/video camera, laser sight, and LED flashlight all in one that secures itself to the rail and trigger guard of the handgun. The device is activated by a button underneath the trigger guard that is pressed by simply gripping the gun. This allows you to record from within the holster, before you draw your gun, to show what was said before you had to draw your gun.

Audio/Video evidence from the Point of View of your gun will provide invaluable evidence in any self defense shooting and more importantly, show why you had to shoot .


Weaponeye is $149.99 and potentially worth thousands more should the worst happen and you ever need to defend yourself in court.

DISCLAIMER: At this moment, Weaponeye is compatible with all Glock models and generations except the Glock 42 and 43.